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Endovascular treatment for acute basilar thrombosis via a transradial approach: initial experience and future considerations
Martin Oselkin, S R. Sathi, S H. Sundararajan, D Kung, R W. Hurst, and B A. Pukenas


Evaluation of a Device Combining an Inferior Vena Cava Filter and a Central Venous Catheter for Preventing Pulmonary Embolism Among Critically Ill Trauma Patients
Victor F. Tapson, Joshua P. Hazelton, John Myers, Martin A. Croce, Brian A. Hoey, and Oscar D. Guillamondegui


Medullary Sponge Kidney: A Case Study of Extreme Metabolic Derangements
Michael L. Sun, Crystal Joseph, Ikechukwu Emengo, Pallav Shah, and Mahesh Krishnamurthy


Isolated acute traumatic aortic injury following cardiopulmonary resuscitation with excessively forceful chest compressions
Mark W. Fegley, Ellen A. Redstone, Amitoj Singh, Sahil Agrawal, Jamshid Shirani, and Sudip Nanda


Society of Interventional Radiology Quality Improvement Standards for Percutaneous Transcatheter Embolization
Sean R. Dariushnia, Ellen A. Redstone, Manraj K. S Heran, Harry R. Cramer Jr, Suvranu Ganguli, Antoinette S. Gomes, and Mark J. Hogan


Percutaneous hepatic injection of rose bengal disodium (PV-10) in metastatic uveal melanoma
Sapna P. Patel, Brett Carter, Gary Lu, Ellen Redstone, and Eric A. Wachter


A proposed algorithm for managing the open abdomen
James Cipolla, Stanislaw P. Stawicki, William S. Hoff, Nathaniel McQuay, Brian A. Hoey, Gail Wainwright, and Michael D. Grossman


Deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in trauma patients: an overstatement of the problem?
Stanislaw P. Stawicki, Michael D. Grossman, James Cipolla, William S. Hoff, Brian A. Hoey, Gail Wainwright, and James F. Reed


Use of non-invasive esophageal echo-Doppler system in the ICU: a practical experience
Stanislaw P. Stawicki, William S. Hoff, James Cipolla, and Robert deQuevedo


Postmortem computed tomography, "CATopsy", predicts cause of death in trauma patients
Brian A. Hoey, James Cipolla, Michael D. Grossman, Nathaniel McQuay, Pratik R. Shukla, Stanislaw P. Stawicki, Christy Stehly, and William S. Hoff


Blunt breast trauma: is there a standard of care?
Christopher Sanders, James Cipolla, Christy Stehly, and Brian Hoey


Wind disasters: A comprehensive review of current management strategies
Raffaele Marchigiani, Stephanie Gordy, James Cipolla, Raeanna C. Adams, David C. Evans, Christy Stehly, Sagar Galwankar, Sarah Russell, Alan P. Marco, Nicholas Kman, Sanjeev Bhoi, Stanislaw P. Stawicki, and Thomas J. Papadimos


Thoracostomy tubes: A comprehensive review of complications and related topics
Michael Kwiatt, Abigail Tarbox, Mark J. Seamon, Mamta Swaroop, James Cipolla, Charles Allen, Stacinoel Hallenbeck, H Tracy Davido, David E. Lindsey, Vijay A. Doraiswamy, Sagar Galwankar, David Tulman, Nicholas Latchana, Thomas J. Papadimos, Charles H. Cook, and Stanislaw P. Stawicki


Natural history of retained surgical items supports the need for team training, early recognition, and prompt retrieval
S Peter Stawicki, Charles H. Cook, Harry L. Anderson, Laurie Chowayou, James Cipolla, Hesham M. Ahmed, Susette M. Coyle, Vicente H. Gracias, David C. Evans, Raffaele Marchigiani, Raeanna C. Adams, Mark J. Seamon, Niels D. Martin, Steven M. Steinberg, and Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce


Results of a prospective, randomized, controlled study of the use of carboxymethylcellulose sodium hyaluronate adhesion barrier in trauma open abdomens
Stanislaw P. Stawicki, John M. Green, Niels D. Martin, Raymond H. Green, James Cipolla, Mark J. Seamon, Daniel S. Eiferman, David C. Evans, Joshua P. Hazelton, Charles H. Cook, and Steven M. Steinberg


Complications of needle thoracostomy: A comprehensive clinical review
Brian Wernick, Heidi H. Hon, Ronnie N. Mubang, Anthony Cipriano, Ronson Hughes, Demicha D. Rankin, David C. Evans, William R. Burfeind, Brian A. Hoey, James Cipolla, Sagar C. Galwankar, Thomas J. Papadimos, Stanislaw P. Stawicki, and Michael S. Firstenberg

*Updated as of 07/21/24.