Submissions from 2022

A novel movement system screen for primary care providers: a multisite, observational study, Christine Kettle, Lauren McKay, Anthony M. Cianciolo, Stephen M. Kareha, and Cara E. Ruggeri

Submissions from 2021

The Relationship of the Therapeutic Alliance to Patient Characteristics and Functional Outcome During an Episode of Physical Therapy Care for Patients With Low Back Pain: An Observational Study, Faris Alodaibi, Jason Beneciuk, Rett Holmes, Stephen Kareha, Deanna Hayes, and Julie Fritz

Patient- and Physical Therapist-Level Predictors of Patient-Reported Therapeutic Alliance: An Observational, Exploratory Study of Cohorts With Knee and Low Back Pain, Jason M. Beneciuk, Lindsey Brown-Taylor, Faris Alodaibi, Stephen Kareha, Rett Holmes, and Julie Fritz

Reliability and Concurrent Validity of Shoulder Tissue Irritability Classification, Stephen M. Kareha, Philip W. McClure, and Alicia Fernandez-Fernandez

Submissions from 2019

Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis Presenting as Quadriceps Strain, Matthew Kosar, Jesse Buggey, and Stephen Kareha

Submissions from 2012

Evaluation and management of scapular dysfunction, Philip McClure, Elliot Greenberg, and Stephen Kareha

Submissions from 2009

A clinical method for identifying scapular dyskinesis, part 1: reliability, Philip McClure, Angela R. Tate, Stephen Kareha, Dominic Irwin, and Erica Zlupko

A clinical method for identifying scapular dyskinesis, part 2: validity, Angela R. Tate, Philip McClure, Stephen Kareha, Dominic Irwin, and Mary F. Barbe

Submissions from 2008

Effect of the Scapula Reposition Test on shoulder impingement symptoms and elevation strength in overhead athletes, Angela R. Tate, Philip W. McClure, Stephen Kareha, and Dominic Irwin