Ethics of outbreaks position statement. part 2: Family-centered care

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Critical Care Medicine


Objectives: Continue the dialogue presented in Ethics of Outbreaks Position Statement. Part 1, with a focus on strategies for provision of family-centered care in critical illness during Pubic Health Emergency of International Concern. Design: Development of a Society of Critical Care Medicine position statement using literature review, expert consensus from the Society of Critical Care Medicine Ethics Committee. A family member of a patient who was critically ill during a natural disaster served on the writing panel and provided validation from a family perspective to the recommendations. Setting: Provision of family-centered care and support for patients who are critically ill or who have the potential of becoming critically ill, and their families, during a Pubic Health Emergency of International Concern. Interventions: Communication; family support. Measurements and Main Results: Family-centered interventions during a Pubic Health Emergency of International Concern include understanding how crisis standards may affect regional and local traditions. Transparently communicate changes in decision-making authority and uncertainty regarding treatments and outcomes to the family and community. Assess family coping, increase family communication and support, and guide families regarding possible engagement strategies during crisis. Prepare the public to accept survivors returning to the community.

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