Leadership: What it is and what it isn't

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Fundamentals of Leadership for Healthcare Professionals


To different people, leadership means different things. For some, it is the concept of a "strong leader" who fearlessly defends and advocates for his or her team. To others, the "true leader" is one who is hardly ever heard, but through minute "tweaks" is able to steer the entire organization to ever increasing levels of excellence. Yet another concept of leadership describes the "servant leader" who supports, encourages, and empowers the team through mutual trust and understanding. So many definitions of leadership exist that even experts remain divided on what "leadership" actually means (or stands for). In this introductory chapter, we will outline some of the basic principles and simplified understanding of leadership, its multiple nuances and connotations, encouraging the reader to further pursue the answer to this nebulous question when reading this informative and stimulating volume of collected, experience-based, accounts and opinions from healthcare leaders.

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