Submissions from 2015

Laparoscopy in trauma: An overview of complications and related topics, Tammy Kindel, Nicholas Latchana, Mamta Swaroop, Umer I. Chaudhry, Sabrena F. Noria, Rachel L. Choron, Mark J. Seamon, Maggie J. Lin, Melissa Mao, James Cipolla, Maher El Chaar, Dane Scantling, Niels D. Martin, David C. Evans, Thomas J. Papadimos, and Stanislaw P. Stawicki

Submissions from 2007

Celiac artery compression syndrome: Successful utilization of robotic-assisted laparoscopic approach, Nikhil P. Jaik, S. Peter Stawicki, Natalie S. Weger, and John J. Lukaszczyk