Submissions from 2022

Medullary Sponge Kidney: A Case Study of Extreme Metabolic Derangements, Michael L. Sun, Crystal Joseph, Ikechukwu Emengo, Pallav Shah, and Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Submissions from 2021

Society of Interventional Radiology Quality Improvement Standards for Percutaneous Transcatheter Embolization, Sean R. Dariushnia, Ellen A. Redstone, Manraj K. S Heran, Harry R. Cramer Jr, Suvranu Ganguli, Antoinette S. Gomes, and Mark J. Hogan

Endoscopic Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy for a Large Gallbladder Stone, Through a Percutaneously Placed AXIOS Stent for Chronic Cholecystitis in a High Risk Surgical Patient, Nishit Patel, Robert Reinhart, Ellen Redstone, and Ayaz Matin

Submissions from 2020

Percutaneous hepatic injection of rose bengal disodium (PV-10) in metastatic uveal melanoma, Sapna P. Patel, Brett Carter, Gary Lu, Ellen Redstone, and Eric A. Wachter

Submissions from 2018

Chronic versus acute aneurysmal disease of the pancreaticoduodenal arcade: A case-based discussion, Jamie L. Thomas, Ellen A. Redstone, and Brian A. Warden

Submissions from 2017

Endovascular treatment for acute basilar thrombosis via a transradial approach: initial experience and future considerations, Martin Oselkin, S R. Sathi, S H. Sundararajan, D Kung, R W. Hurst, and B A. Pukenas

Evaluation of a Device Combining an Inferior Vena Cava Filter and a Central Venous Catheter for Preventing Pulmonary Embolism Among Critically Ill Trauma Patients, Victor F. Tapson, Joshua P. Hazelton, John Myers, Martin A. Croce, Brian A. Hoey, and Oscar D. Guillamondegui

Submissions from 2015

Isolated acute traumatic aortic injury following cardiopulmonary resuscitation with excessively forceful chest compressions, Mark W. Fegley, Ellen A. Redstone, Amitoj Singh, Sahil Agrawal, Jamshid Shirani, and Sudip Nanda